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Recap from Surf SM 2022


Waco Surf, in the heart of Texas, is one of the largest inland surfing and water sports facilities in the US

The expert wave that our athletes will be surfing for the contest is a world class, high performance right and left. Each wave is head high and the length of the ride is 8-10 seconds. Everything from a tube ride to an aerial is possible and has been done on this wave. This wave is comparable to the cove section at Rincon or the famed bowls of Velzyland on the North Shore of Hawaii.

Surf Park Drone - RH (3).jpg
Surf Point

The contest

How they compete

and how we judge

During the contest every surfer will get 3 rights and 3 lefts each in each heat. The surfers best wave on both the left and the right will make up their heat score.


The surfers are judged based on the following criteria: 

1. Commitment and degree of difficulty:
2. Innovative and progressive maneuvers;
3. Combination of major maneuvers;
4. Variety of maneuvers;
5. Speed, power and flow;

The wave scoring will be done having in mind five quality levels:

0-1.9 (Poor), 2-3.9 (Fair), 4-5.9 (Average), 6-7.9 (Good), 8–10 (Excellent).

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