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Surf SM 2022

Why arrange the Swedish surfing championships in a pool in Texas?

For the first time ever, the Swedish surfing championships will be decided outside of Sweden - in Texas.


A total of 24 competitors will surf for the championship titles in a wave pool in Waco, Texas.


The initiative and arrangement comes from the real estate company ALM Equity, which thus takes an important step for the development of surfing, for surfing as a sport and for everyone who loves the lifestyle.

Waco Surf - _robhensonsurfshots.jpeg

Alm Equity

Investing directly in real estate and projects

ALM Equity is an innovative and profitable company operating in the Swedish real estate sector.


ALM Equity’s investor relations pages contain financial information and details for the benefit of shareholders, investors, analysts and other stakeholders.


The aim is to provide the capital market with regular, relevant and accurate information about ALM Equity’s financial position and operations.

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